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I wanted to be the first to submit a testimonial because I have experienced personalized medicine first hand, and it actually saved my life. Three months into a new job, I discovered a lump in my breast. Due to the nature of that job I didn’t have an opportunity to have any time off to have doctor’s appointments. I did however, have the blessing of having a personal doctor. My personal doctor received a phone call from me and immediately went into action. That day I was given an order for a mammogram and ultrasound if needed. After my ultrasound, my personal physician immediately ordered the biopsy that was needed and the results were given to me in real time, two days later. My extensive plan of care was determined and I was on the fast track to beat stage II breast cancer. One year later, I started having strange symptoms. I texted my personal physician, who saw me after my work hours. Upon physical examination, she made an after hour phone call to a specialist on his cell phone, and I was treated the very next day. That one day event was a side step for me from metastatic breast cancer. Having a personal physician not only saved me from unpaid time off of work and long periods of time worrying, but having a personal physician SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you, Dr. Reed!

January 28, 2016

Clear Your Mind with Sage (Salvia officinalis)

Sage, with its woody stems, grayish leaves, and lovely purplish-blue flowers, is a native perennial of the Northern Mediterranean coast and an herbal member of the mint family. If you’re only familiar with Sage for seasoning savory dishes, you’re missing out on a fascinating botanical remedy. Ancient Greeks and Romans burned sage in ceremonies, believing ...

November 25, 2015

Yoga for Your Plate: Mindful Eating

The race is on: Cooking, cleaning, hosting, visiting, and tackling a holiday shopping list that is growing faster than last summer’s weeds. Before you know it, the table is set and you’re serving the holiday meal. This year, though, is going to be different–you’re going to sit down and savor the cornucopia of flavors and ...