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We restrict the number of patients to allow more focused time for each patient which results in finely tuned, customized medical care. My patients can address all of their health concerns with me and office visits are never rushed. I have the privilege of knowing all of my patients and can take the extra time for a proactive approach to wellness. The result is a reduced need for visits to specialists and better overall health. I am also readily available for my patients—even on weekends or holidays—something that you won’t find in most traditional medical practices.

September 17, 2016

Roasted Fig and Goat Cheese Recipe with Video!

The Fig: Sweet. Succulent. Sensual. One of the “Seven Spices of Israel” and referenced in many religious texts as a sacred fruit, the fig (Angeer), is rich in nutrition and history. For centuries, figs have been referenced in mythology and traditional medicine as a powerful sexual supplement. While they have yet to be adequately studied ...